Programming for Organizations & Schools

The Battlefords & Area Sexual Assault Centre provides various research-based programs to help communities combat the issues of normalized sexual violence, sexual abuse, and exploitation. These programs are delivered by our counsellors and outreach workers. BASAC is committed to working with school systems, businesses, and other community-based organizations in our service area.

Custom Presentations: Our experienced counsellors can provide custom presentations to suit the needs of your community or staff – whether the participants are adults, teens, or children, our staff can deliver a presentation to compliment the needs of your target audience. We can be used as a professional development tool and resource for your community.

Body Science
Ages 4-8
A 5 week program to help children understand that they have the right to be safe and to be protected.
Body ownership
Increase prevention knowledge (good touch/bad touch)

Protect Yourself Rules
Ages 3-12
A 4-6 week prevention and awareness program about child abuse, sexual abuse, and maltreatment.

Kid Smart
Ages 3-12
A 10 week program that combines both the Body Science and Protect Yourself Rules programs

Girl Power
Ages 9-11
A 12 week educational, skill-building, and creative group designed to introduce girls to concepts and skills that promote a positive self image.

2 BBoys
Ages 8-11
An 8 week program designed to assist boys in connecting to their true selves in an empowering, respectful, healthy, and dynamic way.

Go Guys
Ages 12-18
A 9 week program designed to educate and create awareness for young men as they travel the path to adulthood.  Focus topics include emotions, self-talk, body shifts, frustration & anger, diversity,  sexual harassment, healthy relationships, boundaries and consent, vaping, alcohol & drugs, sexting, and human trafficking.

Inspiring Change
Ages 14-18
A 10 week program that involves various lessons and activities that will empower teen girls, as well as educate and help them to prepare for the amazing futures that lie ahead of them.  Topics include social media, body image & self-esteem, anger management & apologizing, communication, and drugs & alcohol.

Personal Space
Ages 4-12
A one time presentation/activity that helps educate and enforce the idea of personal space, whereby keeping ourselves and each other safe.

Respecting Each Other
Ages 12-18
A one-time presentation that focuses on the importance of respecting each other, what a bully looks like, what a bystander looks like, sexting, and keeping safe in the world of social media.