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The BASAC View Podcast – Episode 20 – Jennifer Holleman Part 1

In this episode Amber sits down with Jennifer Holleman.  In 2015, Jennifer’s daughter Madison was killed in a car crash.  It was at this point that Jennifer learned that her daughter was being sex trafficked.  In the years leading up to Madison’s death Jennifer knew something wasn’t right but was unable to help her daughter.  Listen to Jennifer talk about her love for her daughter and the anguish she faces in putting the pieces together of Madison’s life.  This part one of two part episode.


The BASAC View Podcast – Episode 21 – Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Join Robin and Shasta as we talk with Nicole White from Enough Already Sk.  Listen as Nicole talks about sexual harassment in the workplace and the impacts it has on the victims.


The BASAC View Podcast – Episode 20 – Coping Through the Holidays

Join Robin and Shasta on this episode which contains helpful tips on how to cope with depression, anxiety and loneliness.  We will walk you through a guided meditation.


The BASAC View Podcast – Episode 19 – New Co-Hosts/Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

This week we introduce our new co-hosts, Robin and Shasta! Afterwards we have a brief discussion on healthy vs unhealthy relationships; the red and green flags to look out for, and a quick farewell to Kayla as she enters maternity leave!


The BASAC View Podcast – Episode 18 – Cancel Culture and the #MeToo Movement

But more specifically, the difference between being cancelled and being held accountable.
This week Kayla and Michele have a discussion around cancel culture and talk about the waves made with the #MeToo movement. With real life celebrity examples, and a story about a band a little closer to home, too.


The BASAC View Podcast – Episode 17 – A Time to Reflect

We have made the decision to skip the release of this weeks episode to honor the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.
We hope everyone has taken some time to educate and reflect on this integral day.
See you back to normal on Friday the 15th of October!


The BASAC View Podcast – Episode 16 – Porn ≠ Sex Ed

TW // Discussion about pornography

This week we are tackling the controversial subject of pornography. It’s a wide-range topic and we discuss a few different areas of it; from talking to your teens, to myths and misconceptions, to how the topic of pornography can be used as a springboard for bigger and deeper conversations. More specifically, conversations about the importance of consent and healthy relationships.


The BASAC View Podcast – Episode 15 – How About Don’t Assault?

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 15 of The BASAC View! This week we go through some sexual assault prevention tips! Tips that are both practical and common sense. Let’s put an end to victim-blaming and put the blame and shame of sexual assault where it belongs… on the assaulter.